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My job expierence

My job experience.

This is the first ever summer that I actually have a job and it's been really fun lately, I got the job through the TWTW program and I am very grateful for the experience working at ICT Launchpad! I Enjoy working with someone else my age and also working with adults. The environment is calm and is a great place to be. I have learned how to edit videos , write informational letters to businesses, and to be a little more open to meeting new people. The part that I dread is getting up early in the morning because I enjoy sleeping in and watching movies and staying on my phone all day(due to covid). I also love having a job considering a paycheck comes with it. I think it's nice to have my own pocket money because I don't have to go to my parents for things that I want for a while. I am going to try and save up to buy my own school supplies and school clothes for the upcoming school year (if we have one) . So as you can see I enjoy my job and the experience that comes with it and I hope my managers recommend me to come back next year! :)


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