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We offer a variety of services to the youth of Wichita with one goal in mind. We help them become successful, productive, confident, individuals.

ICT Launchpad is committed to continuing to grow in order to meet the needs of the most at risk youth in the city of Wichita. Here are some of the ways we're impacting the youth in our city.

"ICT Launchpad Inc is a 501c3 organization based in Wichita, KS that is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering at-risk youth. Our mission is to provide young people with the support and resources they need to build character, think creatively, and learn about entrepreneurship.

To achieve our mission, we offer a range of programs that are designed to engage and support at-risk youth in our community. These programs include:

  1. Summer Exploration Camp: This program provides young people with structured activities and educational opportunities during the summer break. Each day from Monday through Friday, participants attend sessions focused on topics such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The camp also includes field trips and other hands-on experiences that allow participants to explore the world around them.

  2. Back2School Block Party: This annual event helps ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed in school. At the block party, we equip at-risk youth with school supplies, hair services, gift cards, and other resources. The event also includes entertainment such as music, games, moonwalks, prizes, concerts, and workshops for parents and young adults. These workshops cover topics such as first-time homebuyers classes, budgeting and investing, credit building and repair and more.

  3. LYFT (Level Up Your Future Today): This program is designed for at-risk youth who have experienced difficulties in school, such as suspension for behavior or attendance issues. We offer one-on-one mentoring and counseling to these young people, as well as introduce them to opportunities to earn income through trades, skills, entrepreneurship, and employment.

  4. Unlocking Excellence: Our experienced tutors provide personalized, results-driven tutoring for core subjects, fostering academic growth and confidence. Whether it's math, science, language arts, or more, we tailor our approach to meet each student's unique needs. With a focus on educational enrichment, our program is approved by KEEP (Kansas Education Enrichment Program), allowing students to utilize state funding for a brighter academic future. Join us on the path to excellence today!"

Through these programs and other community events, ICT Launchpad Inc has a positive impact on the lives of at-risk youth in our community. Our programs provide young people with valuable experiences and resources that help them explore their interests, develop new skills, and make positive choices. By inspiring, educating, and empowering at-risk youth, we are helping to create a brighter future for our community. We are grateful for the support of our donors and partners, and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth in Wichita and beyond. 

Thank you for considering ICT Launchpad Inc as a partner in building a stronger, more vibrant community for all."

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